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A system is only as good as the sum of its parts – and the same is true for packaging. For perfect results, all of the components have to work together perfectly: The materials used.
The combination of the top and bottom webs. The sealing. Vacuum or gas flush technology. The printing. The packaging machine. And not to forget: A product and its packaging always form a single unit.

With different models and technologies, we also support our customers when it comes to intelligent recycling of materials along the value chain.

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Only the perfect combination guarantees the best of quality

The optimal packaging solution is the result of a multitude of individual facets and process steps. From repro and converting to actual film production and its finishing, SÜDPACK offers you everything you need. Because ultimately, it is experience, know-how, technology and also a bit of boldness that determine success. We are determined to continue to give you our very best.

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