Sustainable solutions
for food

Imgage showcase Natural landscape and sustainability in the packaging industry
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Sustainable film solutions for food are our strength

An approach that is both long-term
and sustainable is our recipe for success

The requirements in the market are changing fundamentally.
Sustainability is key – also when packaging food. Which is why we are constantly expanding our portfolio of resource-conserving and, most importantly, recyclable film solutions.

Our innovative mono-materials, such as in our Pure-Line, use far less material while still providing the same protection and convenience as composite materials composed of different polymers. They also have a much smaller carbon footprint along the entire value chain compared to alternative packaging materials.

Our sustainable solutions

We assess the carbon footprint of our films along the process chain and not just at the end of their life cycle. What results are recyclable and particularly sustainable products that make a statement in the market.

Hartmut Harms
Sales Director West Europe