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SÜDPACK has enhanced its focus on recyclates

Our goal?
The closing of reusable material loops.
Internally, externally, globally.

On our path to climate neutrality as a responsible, family-run company, we have recently invested heavily in internal reusable material loops.
We now strictly sort reusable material that results from production, regranulate it and return it to the value-added process –
by incorporating it into our films or using it in compounds. We have laid the ideal foundations for just that at our sites in Schwendi and Erolzheim.

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Raw materials from
mechanical recycling

As long as legal and regulatory conditions are met, we use materials from mechanical recycling. Thereby, we guarantee the standard technical properties of our materials.

Raw materials from
chemical recycling

Thanks to our initiatives and strategic partnerships, we can use plastics from chemical recycling in the production for technical films - without having to sacrifice the expected product properties and consumer safety.

Chemical recycling -
a valuable alternative

In addition to processing plastics from chemical recycling, we are also working on further developing and establishing chemical recycling as a supplementary alternative on the market in order to close material loops.

Therefore we are also cooperating with carboliq.

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