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Our product solutions – based on renewable resources

Films from renewable resources save fossil

For technical applications, raw materials from renewable resources such as sugar cane, corn or paper fibers are a real alternative to materials made from fossil resources, especially if they offer property profiles that are different from conventional plastics, such as compostability.

Our product portfolio included top and bottom films as well as flow pack films with a wide range of structures.

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Ecocraft Skin – paper meets film

Our end-to-end solution with easy handling for demanding products. The youngest member of the Craft family includes a skin top web and a bottom web that is composed of up to 91% printable paper and an extra-thin layer of film.

  • Extremely consumer friendly
  • Separable packaging components
  • Particularly resource-conserving



Ecocraft Shape – adept at adapting

Our high-performance bottom web on a reel is ideally suited for refrigerated products that are extremely sensitive, such as fish, meat, sausage or cheese. It is made of 80% paper fibers, can be customized to suit your product and also seals with absolute reliability.

  • Particularly sustainable
  • Excellent thermoforming characteristics
  • Maximum flexibility



Veraplex Craft – natural and efficient

The natural charm of paper and perfected functionality make this paper-laminated top web extremely attractive. More than 50% is made from renewable resources and it preserves the freshness of organic and sensitive food.

  • Particularly sustainable
  • Natural paper finish
  • Puncture and tear resistant



Planova Craft – the perfect symbiosis

Due to their specific characteristics, such as good oxygen and water vapor permeability, these materials made of PLA offer real added value in a range of applications. The composite of Planova and paper is based on 100% renewable resources.

  • Suitable for industrial composting
  • Excellent machinability
  • Optional paper lamination