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Packaging for coffee & co. – aroma protection & shelf life

Packaging needs to perfectly reflect the character of the variety of coffee.

Connoisseurs are particularly demanding when it comes to their favorite beverage and its packaging.
Whether for Arabica, Robusta or Kopi Luwak, for whole beans, ground coffee or capsules – the packaging needs to perfectly preserve the unmistakable aroma of each variety.

And regardless of which concept you choose as a coffee packaging manufacturer or coffee roaster: Our stand-up and block-bottom bags as well as our innovative packaging concepts with laminated film always impress at the POS with their premium, on-brand appearance.
And they preserve the absolute freshness of their contents.

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Aroma protective packaging for coffee

What coffee product would you like to package?

With roughly 100 varieties of coffee and countless blends, it is not always easy to properly showcase your own specialty at the point of sale.
Our film concepts, pouch packaging and valve packaging are impressive at the point of sale.

Sustainable packaging for coffee & co.

Coffee is a treasured natural product. We have steadily expanded our portfolio of sustainable, highly innovative film solutions in recent years to be able to offer you the best packaging concept for your high standards of quality.

As a result, a broad variety of recyclable and material-efficient high-tech products are now available for packaging your coffee.

We would be happy to develop the perfect packaging concept with you that it is sustainable and optimally protects its wonderfully fragrant contents from moisture, heat, light and aroma loss.

Our roadmap for sustainable film solutions

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Polymer Solutions
    Ecoterm S V

    Mono-PP rigid films.

    Increased sustainability due to recyclability.



    PP rigid films with PE sealing layer.

    Optimum processability on all standard systems.

    Veraplex Plus

    Thin multilayer lidding films with excellent protection properties for large packaging.

    Increased sustainability due to higher material efficiency.

    Veraplex Craft

    Thin Laminated paper lidding films with excellent protection properties.

    Increased sustainability by using renewable resources.