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Ecocraft® Skin

Ecocraft® Skin are laminated paper films with a functional layer.
They offer the perfect basis for the production of high-quality skin packagings and are characterized by an optimal processability on standard skin packaging machines.
Besides an optimal presentation at the point-of-sale, Ecocraft® Skin offer maximum product protection and high convenience. After use, film and paper carrier can be easily separated and disposed.

Ecocraft® Skin is based on renewable resources. This can reduce the use of fossil raw materials.

  • Easy to process on standard skin packaging machines
  • Optimum product protection
  • Easy separation of paper and film for better recycling
Underside of a sustainable packshot packaging from SÜDPACK

Fields of application

This product offers all the following properties:


Ecocraft® Skin laminates are processable on standard skin packaging machines. They are easy to form and ensure high process and packaging safety.

Equipment options

The laminates are equipped with a high barrier and ensure optimum product protection.

Visual properties

Ecocraft® Skin can be printed on both sides for an optimal presentation at the point-of-sale.


By using renewable raw materials, the use of fossil raw materials can be reduced - our contribution to sustainability.

Multi S V Skin films from SÜDPACK

Our skin films are perfectly for the packaging of a wide variety of products.
The results are packages that are characterized by maximum quality, optimum product protection and high convenience for the end consumer.

Skin top films from SÜDPACK

Packshot of an eco-friendly skin packaging by SÜDPACK