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Multifol Extreme

Multifol Extreme coextruded flexible films guarantee a particularly high level of product protection thanks to their excellent mechanical properties. They are used as bottom webs in thermoforming applications for producing modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum packaging.

Thanks to their exceptional sealing performance even when contaminated with oil or fat as well as their high puncture resistance, Multifol Extreme films are ideally suited for packaging greasy, protein-rich products and frozen food and provide optimal product protection and maximum packaging reliability.

The high-performance films are up to 25% thinner than other film solutions, offering exceptional material efficiency. Compared to conventional film structures, they provide advantages in terms of both sustainability and logistics along the entire value chain.

  • Optimized sealing performance provides optimal packaging reliability and a reduced leakage rate
  • High puncture resistance and maximum product protection
  • Ideal processability on standard packaging machines

Fields of application

This product offers all the following properties:


Multifol Extreme films can be processed on all standard thermoforming packaging machines. They feature optimal process reliability and maximum output.


Product protection

The films are equipped with a medium barrier. They offer optimal product protection thanks to excellent sealing strength and puncture resistance.


Visual properties

The high transparency allows for optimum presentation at the point of sale.



Multifol Extreme provides maximum product protection with minimum weight input, which means a minimum footprint.


More features

The films are also suitable for deep freeze applications.