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Veraplex® Drum

The Veraplex Drum top films impress with their controlled shrinkage behavior. They are used for the production of MAP trayve packs.
The stable and tear-resistant films seal trays securely even in the event of contamination and ensure optimum product protection.

The films are characterized by a high barrier and ensure an extended shelf life of sensitive products.

  • Defined shrinkage
  • Extended shelf life due to optimum barrier
  • High puncture and tear resistance
Packshot of a Veraplex Drum by SÜDPACK - Durable and Tear-Resistant Surface Films

Fields of application

This product offers all the following properties:


Veraplex® Drum films are processable on standard traysealers.

Equipment options

The films can be equipped with lock seal or peeling functions.

Due to their excellent puncture and tear resistance, they offer optimum product protection.

Visual properties

Due to the controlled shrinkage it creates a smooth and glossy surface, which allows a clear view of the product.

More features

For deep-freeze applications and pasteurization the films can be equipped with antifog.

Find a suitable bottom film

Our bottom films offer the perfect combination with our top films.
This results in packaging concepts that are groundbreaking in terms of efficiency, packaging security and sustainability.

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